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Automate Charts (PDF) - FAQs

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1. How do I automate a PDF document?

You can use platforms like Zapier and Make to connect three very different tools (in this case, your data source, and your chart making and pdf tools) and automate the whole process. Whenever you–or someone else with access to the data source–adds new values to it, your automated workflow will ensure it’s picked up, sent to your chart maker, and create a new pdf with that info!

2. What dynamic reports should I create with pdf automation?

You can craft workflows to create dynamic reports accompanied by gorgeous Image Charts graphs and:

  • Automate expense reports to keep track of company accounts, individual allowances, etc.
  • Speed up prep for EOY meetings when you automate annual reports
  • Automate marketing reports to monitor how well your campaigns are doing
  • Automate shopify reports to stay on top of sales and customer interactions
  • Track team progress when you automate daily reports log for when your team members check in

3. Is it possible to automate PDF?

Yes, it is! And you can do it through Zapier. That way, your charts always remain up to date with the latest data and are ready to be sent off to stakeholders, used for data analysis, presented at meetings, and more.