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Our Mission

We've built and scaled Image-Charts so you don't have to

Developers are at the core of virtually every organization, managing the software that makes modern businesses tick. We’re creators, problem-solvers, troubleshooters, puzzle-piece-joiners. Image-Charts founder Francois-Guillaume Ribreau is no different. It was compelled to solve a specific problem: better, more digestible error visibility and alerting. Through late nights and long weekends, its dedication to a side-project manifested into Image-Charts.

Image-Charts helps all software teams focus on their core features and delegate the chart generation part.

We all now that coding and maintaining an always up, always up to date, always fast with low latency, chart generation service is more than time consuming and does not add values to our business.

Image-Charts is that boring software you setup once and then forget about it. It just works.

That's our mission.
“We've built and scaled Image-Charts over multiple data-centers around the globe so you don't have to.”
CEO of Image-Charts


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